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BOOK of the DEAD

Physical theater performance inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead

Premiere: 03.26.2013. 7pm

"Futile acquaitance, the unconscious, like a blind old lady, tumbles
without knowing where it goes and what it does. Unacquaintance brings fervor, in which Deed, the rigorous effect of earlier acts forms the unconscious like the potter who makes a pot out of mud. Conscience comes from fervor, which is unsteady, just like the monkey in the forest running from tree to tree."

Actors -Authors:
Formanek Csaba
Ilyés Lénárd
András Váradi (scenery-light)

Mankind has always been interested in the question of life after death. However, many times in our life we die and are reborn again. New and new periods are opening to the future among our fears and desires, depending on how we could understand and process what happened with us in the past. The Tibetan Book of the Dead incorporates the myth of this change. The creators of this show were particurarly inspired by the statement, that the road leading to the death – and to rebirth – is not neccessarily a solitary adventure. As an educated tibetan Lama or an experienced master whispers the ritual texts into the dying's ears, so we can help each other through our life's various – sometimes seemingly tragic – phases.

The Book of the Dead performance tells us three different death stories. The first one unfolds the relationship between a man and an old woman, in the second an old man meets a young mother, and in the third one two monks are travelling among the paths of liminal existence. The speciality of this performance, which is caracterized by grotesque humor as well as meditative silence, is that all the roles are performed by the same two actors.

With this show Lénárd Ilyés and Csaba Formanek are willing to summarize all of their physical theater experiences collected from the recent years. They have learned from creators like Gábor Csetneki, Oleg Zhukovsky or the company of the Teatr Novogo Fronta. Besides their theater works, they regularly lead workshops focused on the physical aspects of the actor's consciousness. The visual world of their new performance is enhanced by the scenery designer Ádám Pignitzky.

After the local premiere international trading is also planned.

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Ticket prices:
Total: 2.000 Ft, Student / Senior: 1.500 Ft

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